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Our Work

771 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water. Since 2018, we have been on a mission to fight the water crisis in Bangladesh, Kenya and Pakistan.


Community Projects

In areas where the textile industry is a key source of income and a strong industry, drinking water is often very polluted. To provide clean water quickly and inexpensively to local communities, we fund WASH projects, water filters and deep wells.

Our Target Countries


Water filters / deep tube wells, Mobile Hospital and River Clean-up Project.



River Clean-up Project



WASH Projects for schools


Education Projects

In countries where fashion is mainly marketed, we encourage stakeholders at all levels to prioritize water by emphasizing the connection between fashion and water in tailored education formats.

Our Projects

Uni Workshops

We inform students of textile and fashion universities about the impact that their decisions will have on local water resources.

Water Playbook

We create tools to help consumers, brands, and students learn more about issues and potential solutions.


We bring together experts in water and fashion to discuss the issues and potential solutions.


We create and execute targeted social media campaigns that effectively communicate with specific audiences.


Corporate Projects

To promote sustainable change, we work on wastewater management projects. Our aim is to help brands and textile mills reduce their water footprint by connecting them with innovative solutions. Our long-term goal is to develop cost-effective and tailored solutions for factories to reuse water in a closed-loop process.

Coming Soon

Help bring clean water and better health to communities around the world.


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