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School Workshops

The workshop aims to first educate students about environmental damage caused by the fashion and textile industry. Then, in small groups, they will playfully put themselves in the shoes of people working in the production countries on the manufacturing of their clothing. This exercise promotes empathy with the workers and an understanding of the economic, social, and ecological interrelations. In a subsequent discussion, they can exchange ideas about their experiences and thoughts on improvements. This leads to reflection on their own purchasing decisions and ideally to demands on political leaders.

With the workshops, we cover various topics including the natural water cycle, the water footprint concept, the link between production decisions and fashion consumption habits, concrete production issues in terms of water pollution and issues surrounding water scarcity and pollution in other parts of the world.

Our current workshop program

Our analog or virtual school workshops are designed for students of the classes 8 -12. The workshops are funded by the BMZ and Engagement Global and free of charge. The class learns playfully about the different steps of the textile value chain and their impact on water systems along the way. From the cultivation of cotton in India to the shipping of textile waste to Africa – the students are encouraged to understand the current problems in the fashion industry from a multidimensional perspective, putting them in a complex political and global context. Different solutions along the textile value chain will be discussed with the class, as well as actions that students can implement in their lives to help and inform themselves and others. 


Classes: 8-12
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: analog or virtual 
Number of Participants: Class size (approx. 18-30 students)
Workshop Structure:

  1. Playful Introduction (10 mins)
  2. Input: (15 mins) Knowledge about the topic of water and fashion
  3. Group Work: (20 mins) Role-playing game
  4. Group Discussion: (20 mins) Developing action strategies, discussion
  5. Questions & Further Information (15 mins)
  6. Filling out feedback forms
  7. For preparation and/or in-depth exploration of the topics, Drip by Drip provides materials.

All free of charge.
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Funded by Engagement Global with funds from

Help bring clean water and better health to communities around the world.


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