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Meet The Experts

We are working close with experts from all over the world to make a meaningful impact.

CEO @ RDD Textiles (Valérius Group)

Ana Tavares

“Being in the fashion industry as Sustainability Manager of a dyeing and finishing company made my research go through the consumption of water to realize that the fashion industry is a massive consumer and polluter of our fresh water. Believing that we can, together, change this reality and being able to implement some of these changes is what inspires me to collaborate with Drip by Drip.”
CEO @ Tintex Textiles

Ricardo Silva

Experienced Executive with a demonstrated history of working in global industries, specially in Textiles.

“I believe we, Humans, have the mission to make sure we utilize always our knowledge and capabilities to make the world a better place for us and future generations of every living being. A professional in a key environmental industry, I have a unique opportunity to really make it happen.”
Sustainability Consultant

Kirraly Antcliff

"I believe there is hope the fashion industry can transition from users of water to utilising collective action to become stewards of water that protect our valuable resource across the value chain for all through traceability, transparency and circular systems. I am happy to partner with Drip by Drip to contribute to building an ecosystem of collaboration for a more accountable and fair fashion industry that values water and a healthy functioning hydrological cycle within the boundaries of the planet."
Co-Founder & Country Director

Ridwanul Haque

Country Director & Co-Founder at Agroho Bangladesh

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Francesca Giometti

“At the textile production site level, the priority, to preserve the water resources, is to address the challenge of getting rid of hazardous substances used in the textile manufacturing process and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems. I am happy to collaborate with Drip by Drip to raise awareness about this major challenge and support all initiatives around the water preservation in this industry!”
Regional Programme Manager Africa at Water Witness International, Addis Ababa

Esayas Samuel

Esayas Samuel is a graduate of Loughborough University MSC Water and Environmental Management. He is a water stewardship professional with several years of experience in water security including water supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH). He led a project in the textile and apparel industries in Africa. Esayas is currently engaged in programs focusing on fair water footprint and water accountability. Through his work, Esayas aims to inspire and trigger action towards equitable and sustainable water use.
Sales and Marketing at TEARFIL Textile Yarns

Marla Gonçalves

Yarns are in the origin of creation. As spinners, we feel responsible to find new sourcing and production options that leads to a paradigm shift in the textiles water footprint, designing yarn solutions which are real water saving choices.”
International Advisor on Nature-Based Solutions

Angela Ortigara PH.D.

Water, Environment, Nature-based Solutions and Sustainable Development Expert

“I am passionate about water and sustainability, and I decided to dedicate my career to both. Starting from technical work in wastewater treatment, I am now looking at broader aspects of water, such as ecosystems, stewardship and basin management. Currently, the textile industry poses serious challenges to global environmental health, and this needs to change. I am happy to collaborate with Drip by Drip to raise awareness and boost actions around water in the industry. However, as one company cannot solve all issues alone, collective action is needed– working with civil society, other companies, the financial sector and government. Together we can really make the difference in the sector, but we need to start now!


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