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Water first.
Fashion second.

Fashion does not start with the clothes we wear. It begins with fibre cultivation, raw material processing, dyeing and finishing, all of which are highly dependent on water.

Our Achievements

We want you to know exactly how and where your donation is being used. Here are our accomplishments since 2018.


Community projects implemented in Bangladesh, Kenia and Pakistan


Education projects for different stakeholders developed and completed


People provided with access to clean water
Our work

We are on a mission to put water first in the textile industry.

The textile industry is recognized as one of the most polluting sectors in the world. It is particularly responsible for severe water pollution and water scarcity. Moreover, by washing and disposing of worn clothing, the water cycles become filled with chemicals and microfibers. We want to make that known.


Community Projects

Funding and implementing community projects, to clean the already polluted ground & surface water.


Education Projects

Explaining the connection between fashion and water. Encouraging consumers, designers and producers to make water a priority in their decisions.


Industrial Projects

Supporting and connecting  brands and textile mills with innovative solutions to reduce their water footprint.

About us

How did we get here and why put water first?

Drip by Drip is a non-profit organization that finds, develops, and spreads solutions for water issues caused by the textile industry. The organization engages with all stakeholders along the value chain to protect our global freshwater resources.

Help bring clean water and better health to communities around the world.


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