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Education Projects

This involves explaining the connection between fashion and water to all stakeholders in the garment value chain, and encouraging them to prioritize water in their decision-making processes.

The Water Playbook

Calculate your own wardrobe’s water footprint

The Water Playbook is an online tool that provides information on the connection between water and fashion. It allows you to calculate your own wardrobe's water footprint and provides an overview of the water consumption of different fibers. We will launch a special version for brands and another for school students in 2023.

Help bring clean water and improved health to communities around the world.


Workshops for school and university students

We bring together experts in design, sourcing, value chains, raw materials, production, and other fields with university students to expand their knowledge and improve their decision-making abilities. To raise awareness among secondary school students, we also offer physical workshops for students in grades 8-12 at schools in Berlin.


Bringing together water experts and fashion professionals to spark change by exchange & collaboration

In addition to traditional networking events and panel talks, we also develop art concepts, such as photo and VR exhibitions, to better convey the issues to the fashion scene and encourage real change.


Spreading the word to consumers

We design and execute social media campaigns targeted at specific audiences to effectively communicate our message.

Funded by Engagement Global with funds from

Help bring clean water and better health to communities around the world.


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