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Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital

The Problem

There are many villages around Dhaka where the community does not have access, or only limited access, to basic medical care. Lack of affordable transportation and time off work are often major barriers to traveling to medical facilities. Without medical care, many suffer from acute waterborne diseases that can turn into serious conditions.

Our Solution

To address these conditions, AGROHO has launched a mobile hospital that caters to communities of all strata, with a focus on underprivileged individuals, including children, women, men, and differently-abled people. The hospital is well-equipped and operated by a team of two doctors, two nurses, and one nursing assistant. The hospital is integrated into a truck, containing a bed for nursing care and doctor consultation, as well as a pharmacy. Currently, AGROHO rents the truck, making them highly dependent on fluctuating costs and availability. To continue the mobile hospital sustainably and cost-effectively, AGROHO needs its own truck modified to their exact needs, constantly at their disposal.


Solution: Mobile Hospital
Impact: Medical treatment for 20,000 people without access to it in 2023
Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Project costs: 16.000 Euro
Partner: Agroho


What was covered by the 16,000 €?

  • Purchase of a truck
  • Modification it inside and outside
  • Most necessary medical equipment and pharmaceuticals

How will the ongoing operational costs be covered?

Currently the funds are covered by other donors, however the funds are not secured yet for 2023, so we will try to raise more funds for the operational costs.

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