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Jamhuri ya Kenya Kenya

Jamhuri ya Kenya Kenya

Jamhuri ya Kenya Kenya

Jamhuri ya Kenya Kenya

Jamhuri ya Kenya Kenya


About Kenya

Kenya is one of the largest importers of second-hand clothing. However, most of the textiles that arrive in Nairobi are of very poor quality and cannot be sold. As a result, this textile waste is either burnt or ends up in the Nairobi River. Every week, members of our partner organization, Komb Green Solutions, retrieve approximately four tons of second-hand clothing (mitumba clothing) from the Nairobi River, along with other waste such as industrial waste, dead bodies, human waste (due to poor sanitation), plastics, and hazardous waste from hospitals.

Our Solution

Our local partner, Komb Green, improves the environment and promotes economic and social development among Kenyan youth. They train and empower young people by enhancing their livelihoods and advocating for environmentally friendly policies.

Komb Green was established in 2017 in Korogocho. They clean up the river and create mini parks on the banks with trees, vegetable gardens, and playgrounds for children. Despite challenges such as the presence of sharp objects that can harm volunteers‘ skin, Komb Green’s 40 volunteers lacked safety gear for their cleanups and often cut their feet in the river. They also developed skin diseases from standing in the water for hours during cleanups. To address this, we provided funds for 40 waterproof safety overalls, gum boots, and gloves to enable them to clean the river more safely.


Solution: 40 Waterproof Overalls which are attached with Gumboots plus gloves
Impact: Safe River Clean Ups
Place: Nairobi, Kenya
Project costs: 1,000 €
Partner: Komb Green Solutions
Beneficiaries: 40 members of Komb Green

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