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Fluid Fashion 2

15.09.2023, From Secondhand to Upcycling – What Really Reduces the Water Footprint of Fashion?

During Gallery Week 2023, the exhibition FLUID FASHION 2.0 brings attention to the often-overlooked issue of water pollution caused by the textile industry. Through this exhibition, we aim to spotlight the significant environmental impact of the fashion industry, particularly in terms of water usage and pollution, and explore sustainable alternatives.

Upcycling & Second Hand


Once again highlighting the extreme water consumption and resulting pollution caused by the fashion industry with our exhibition FLUID FASHION 2.0. This exhibition, featuring artworks by Austrian artist Armin Keplinger, were displayed at PLATTE.Berlin.

It comprises 5 kinetic and 5 cinematographic elements that vividly demonstrate the complex process of fashion production. The exhibition was open to the public from Friday, September 15, to Saturday, September 16, 2023, with an exclusive vernissage taking place on September 14.

By 2030, global demand for clothing is expected to rise by nearly 70%, having immense consequences for both people and the environment. The focus is particularly on water resource management, as approximately 250,000 liters of water are consumed per person for clothing – water that is desperately needed elsewhere.

Visitors experienced Virtual Reality stations showing the impact of fashion on water. 360-degree panoramas of real textile production facilities to understand the role of water in textile production and to intimately convey this complex process. These works will be publicly displayed for the first time in this context.

The opening of the exhibition was sided by a panel discussion on „From Secondhand to Upcycling – What Really Reduces the Water Footprint of Fashion?“

The discussion featured industry experts including Ana Tavares, CEO of RDD Textiles (Portugal), Lenia Karallus, Chief Commercial Officer for Fashion at momox SE (Germany), and Simone Simonato, founder of SICA UPCYCLING DESIGN™ (Brazil).

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