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Code of Conduct

Drip by Drip e.V.

Drip by Drip is dedicated to fostering sustainable development and social justice through its water and social activities in the Global South, as well as its educational initiatives in the Global North. Our work, funded by corporate partners, such as brands, committed to future-proofing their supply chains, is guided by principles that respect the dignity, autonomy, and rights of all stakeholders. This code of conduct establishes the ethical framework for our operations, ensuring
we avoid postcolonial mechanisms and promote equity and transparency.

§ 1 Respect for Local Cultures and Knowledge

  1. We honor and integrate local traditions, cultures, and knowledge in our project planning and implementation by respecting the expertise of our local partner organizations.
  2. Community input and leadership are central to our activities, ensuring they reflect local priorities and expertise.

§ 2 Equity and Inclusivity

  1. We ensure our activities are inclusive, benefiting all community members regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, caste, or socioeconomic status.
  2. Special attention is given to amplify the voices and participation of marginalized groups, including the ultra-poor, women, children, elderly, indigenous people, and minorities.

§ 3 Transparency and Accountability

  1. Our actions and use of resources are transparent, with regular, clear communication to all stakeholders.
  2. We maintain open and honest dialogues with our local and corporate partners, the beneficiary communities, and funders about project progress, challenges, and outcomes.

§ 4 Environmental Responsibility

  1. Environmental sustainability is a priority in all our activities, with efforts to minimize our ecological footprint and that of our corporate partners.
  2. We advocate for and implement practices that protect water resources, reduce pollution, and support biodiversity.

§ 5 Ethical Partnerships

  1. Partnerships are based on equality, mutual respect, and shared benefits, rejecting any form of paternalism or exploitation.
  2. We recognize and support the autonomy of our local partners, respecting their ownership of resources and decision-making processes.

§ 6 Avoidance of Postcolonial Mechanisms

  1. We actively work to dismantle and avoid any postcolonial dynamics in our relationships and operations.
  2. We commit to avoiding paternalism, cultural imperialism, and neocolonial attitudes, ensuring that local communities lead their development.
  3. We do not impose changes to the project as it was proposed to us by our local partners based on our Western impact logic.

§ 7 Privacy Security

  1. We respect the privacy of the beneficiaries of our activities and do not forward personal information and data to our corporate partners or funders.
  2. We do not visit our activities in the field more than once a year to respect the privacy of our beneficiaries and to not harm the trust between our local partners and the beneficiaries.

§ 8 Impact Assessment and Learning

  1. We conduct thorough impact assessments to measure the effectiveness and sustainability of our activities.
  2. Continuous learning and adaptation are integral to our approach, using feedback and evidence to refine our strategies.

§ 9 Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  1. We comply with all relevant local and international laws, regulations, and standards in our operational areas.
  2. Human rights, including labor rights and environmental rights, are upheld in all of our activities.

§ 10 Ethical Administration and Operations

  1. Our staff and volunteers conduct themselves with the highest levels of professionalism, accountability and ethical integrity.
  2. Administrative work and decisions in Germany are conducted with a commitment to holistic sustainability and ethical practices.
  3. We prioritize eco-friendly and socially responsible choices in our operations, including transportation and procurement.

§ 11 Educational Initiatives in the Global North

  1. Our educational activities, including f.e. university and school workshops and panel discussions, promote development policy education as well as sensitisation for postcolonial contexts.
  2. These initiatives are designed to sensitize, raise awareness, foster critical thinking, and encourage action towards global justice and sustainability.

By adhering to this code of conduct, Drip by Drip commits to promoting sustainable development, equity and human dignity across all its activities, both in the Global South and North.

Drip by Drip Board

May 15th, 2024